Feb. 23rd, 2007

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So, Travis's company is opening an office in London and Travis wants to apply to go there. I told him he can go straight to hell, that as much as London sounds like a lovely place, Im not moving out of the country. Especially not for an undetermined amount of time, when Im supposed to be going to culinary school, when he cant guarantee what his salary would be over there, and when we could still be over there when we want to start having kids. Not happening. That, and I know all of 4 people in all of England. It's not happening. No way, no how. Call me close-minded, tell me I'm silly for not taking this opportunity, but its just not happening. No trans-atlantic flights to see friends and family for me.

However, there is another possibility fuzzily appearing on the horizon. Nothing formal has been offered yet, so this is really just me being anxious over things I cant change. Because of the new London office and everything, there will be some restructuring in the company. This means that there is a good likelihood that they will be talking to Travis about being promoted to a manager level position. This means that, again, they will be pushing us to move to Philly. As opposed to the times they've pushed in the past, this would actually be for a pretty sizeable promotion, which most likely means a pretty sizeable raise.

I still dont want to move there, and here's why:
1.) Its almost a 13 hour drive from Lake Zurich to King of Prussia. While I may not want to live all that near to my parents, I sure as shit dont want to live 13 hours away.
2.) I dont want to either delay culinary school or go through the pain in the ass of finding a new school to go to out there. Once I've started culinary school, any and all suggestions of moving are off unless the moving includes a raise to six figures.
3 (quite possibly the biggest issue). We dont know a soul in King of Prussia or Philly. We have one friend in the whole state, and he lives all the way over in Pittsburgh. We both absolutely SUCK at making new friends, and would pine for our old ones. I dont want to have to deal with making a new group of friends.
4.) My navigation skills suck, and their roads are insanely hard to figure out. I'd never stop getting lost.
5.) We might get shot if we root for the Bears when they play the Eagles. I dont wanna get shot.

So that's the scoop, kids. Terri freaking out about something that isnt even really guaranteed to happen yet. You know, the usual.

PS - Play opens tonight, biatches! Come see it!


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