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Okay, kids, I dont talk politics very much at all because I know that I am friends with a good deal of people all over the political spectrum and I dont feel articulate enough to argue my viewpoints most of the time. Today, however, Im pissed off and willing to argue.

For those of you that read fark, you know how common it is to see a tagline that starts with "Having solved all other problems." That, in fact, is my favorite tagline, and so I will use it here. Having solved all other problems in America, our President decides to request a $2.9 trillion dollar budget, $258 billion of which will be spent in Iraq and Afghanistan in the next two years."

Now, I know that we are one of the richest nations, if not the richest nation in the world. I believe that as a country that has more than others, we are socially obligated to help less fortunate countries when they have some natural disaster. I believe that we should work with the U.N. to strive for fair labor practices and a living wage that allows people to work a reasonable number of hours a week, put food on the table, a roof over their head, and clothes on their back. Other than that, I think that our damn money should be spent at home. We have kids in our country that arent getting an education that will even allow them to perform basic math and reading skills. We have a large percentage of our population living without health insurance, some with serious chronic illnesses. We have parents that work hard, but have to make the choice to feed their kids or feed themselves. Choose between the gas to drive to work or keeping your heat on in the bitter February cold.

Now maybe this sounds a little Pollyanna of me, but damn it, I'd be a lot happier to spend money to improve the country in which I live before my government goes shoving its nose places it doesnt belong, fighting in wars that arent any of our damn business. Im sick to death of hearing the death reports every day on the news, American and Iraqi and Afghani. Im sick of a lot of things in this country...and while I know money doesnt fix everything, it sure is a damn good place to start.


PS - Im driving to Roseville to see a doctor today. Arent you all proud?
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