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Okay kids, I have a question, and a brief CD review.

Question is this: Im looking for a new purse. I love the one I have now, but the zipper keeps snagging, and I'd like somewhere in particular to put my cell phone. Im looking for a purse with a long strap (not one of those ones thats only armpit length, and not a handbag either). I like canvas, because its fairly forgiving, but Im not addicted to the material. I'd like something that looks a bit more grownup than big cartoon characters, but not as "grownup" as couch upholstery. I dont give a shit about brand names, and thusly, I will not pay for them. Im looking for about $30. Please help!

CD Review: "Not Too Late" by Norah Jones.

Some people loved the jazzy sound of her first album. Some people loved the country sound of her second album. Her third album is...different. I havent been able to listen to the title track yet, but there is seemingly a threeway tie between the jazzy sound, the country sound, and a very nightclubby sound. Her throaty voice is back in full force, and even the "country" sounding songs are less country than last albums. I predict that most people will like "My Dear Country" and "Sinkin' Soon" because you all seemed to be bigger fans of the jazz sound than the country. Regardless of your poison, its a good album, and well worth the purchase.
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