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I'd post pictures, but I dont have enough photographic ability to convey my fear. First week of culinary school, done. Its going to be very hard, and very fun. My excitement and passion for food are at an all time high...

...which makes my job all the more frustrating. Im not cooking...and neither is anyone else. We use premade sauces, canned/frozen vegetables just get tossed in steamers, meat gets grilled or roasted in giant batches. The closest thing to a creative cooking outlet was when I got to work the Seven Star (highest tier of player) Appreciation Dinner last week, where I got to sautee berries in butter and brown sugar, and then flambe them with cognac, right in front of customers. I was informed by EVERYONE I came in to contact with though, that this is one of the only events in a year that that sort of cooking thing happens.

I dont know what to do.

Im so excited about all the things Im learning about food. I'm so excited about my profession. This just isnt fufilling me. Hell, it doesnt seem to be fufilling any of the people I work with that have the same mindset. The only advancements that I'm able to look forward to are promotions to a sous chef position...which means I would never even get to see the inside of a pot again. The sous chefs at Harrahs are just supervisors. I mean, there's a picture of one of them actually cooking that one of my coworkers snapped on her phone last week, because it was like catching the Loch Ness Monster.

Im very afraid, and I dont know what to do.

At least my baby is home, and my new psychiatrist is pretty decent. Life is good, in general...this is just frustrating.
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