Feb. 1st, 2007

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Damn it...Im going to have to go to a doctor.

Here's the scoop: About two years ago, I started having really bad stomach/intestinal cramps that would come on with no warning or obvious cause. I kept a journal of what happened when the cramps came so I could try to find a pattern, and I couldnt find anything. When I went in for my last checkup at my obgyn, i asked her about it. She recommended performing an ultrasound, and I did (this was two summers ago). They didnt find anything. So, I tried the good old standby of ignorning it. They didnt go away, and they've steadilly gotten worse. Now, when they happen, I double over in pain and cant do a damn thing until they pass.

About a year ago, Travis convinced me to go to a gastroentrologist in Peoria (because there isnt a single one closer to Macomb than that). Basically, the doctor said that because I didnt have a family medical history, they couldnt easilly diagnose me as having irritable bowel syndrome, but that they wanted to do a colonoscopy. I asked her what it would mean if i did have IBS. She said that I would have to stop eating spicy foods, most cheeses, no fatty meats, no sodas, very little to no alcohol...basically made a list longer than I am tall of things i couldnt do anymore. I pretty much said "Balls to that and balls to the colonoscopy! I am NOT drinking a fizzy drink that tastes like ass for 24 hours, not eating, not drinking anything but water and clear broth, all so you can shove a very long camera up my ass. OH, AND making my husband take a day off work to drive me to Peoria and back, as i'd be under sedation and couldnt drive myself home. Thanks, but no thanks."

Ive kept right on with the ignoring it. Still hasnt gotten any better, but has kept up with the getting worse. Now, whenever i burp, stomach acid comes up. Whenever i bend suddenly at my waist, stomach acid comes up. The cramps are happening about once a week now, when they used to happen maybe once every other month.

Just 20 minutes ago, I was organizing some stock in the side room here at Monets Gardens and bent over suddenly...and about half a cup of pinkish-red stomach acid just came right out of my mouth. Scared the shit out of me, enough that Im going to try to do something about it again.

I dont know what's wrong with me, but Im sure as hell not going back to the doc with the shittiest bedside manner in the world again. Im going to make an appointment with a GP over in Roseville to see if maybe a doctor that isnt trying to rush me in and out of their office will be able to help me figure this out. All I know is that Im not even going to look at WebMD or anything, because lord knows that I'd end up thinking I've got stomach cancer or something.

This freaking sucks.


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